How does the laundry service work?

How payments are made:

Two days after the delivery you receive an invoice by email with the details of the delivered services.

For ironing with service vouchers

If you use electronic service vouchers

  • When the services are delivered you receive your invoice by email. After checking it, you must go to the Sodexo website to validate the service vouchers that relate to the order.
  • We strongly recommend electronic vouchers because it is user friendly and less misunderstandings happen. If you use the printed versions for the moment, it is very simple to change that on the Sodexo's website. Click here for more info.

If you use paper service vouchers

  • Put the service vouchers with the following order and mention the number of service vouchers  issued on the order form that will be signed by our driver as a proof of issue. So we do not accept service vouchers in advance.
  • For example, if your first order has a value of 1.7 service vouchers, you do not give 2 vouchers already. You give them with the second order. You can follow the status of your account on the invoice that is sent after each command.
  • The only exception is when you know the delivery period between two orders will be more than 2 weeks.

Only ironing is possible with service vouchers.

EasyDay levels up when counting the number of service vouchers. For more details about how we do the calculation, check the FAQ by clicking here.

For the other services

Your account has to be topped up sufficiently before you make your order. You can top up your account :

  • By bank card on the website
  • By bank transfer

Enter your login to access your online payment page or to find relevant information about money transfers.

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