Find Out All about Service Vouchers

Principe and Price

Service vouchers are in themselves a payment method. They allow you to pay for small services related to household chores on advantageous financial terms. Currently the activities that can be paid for with service vouchers are:

  • cleaning of your home including the windows
  • laundry and ironing in your home or ironing at the centre
  • small sewing jobs
  • preparation of meals
  • household shopping
  • travel assistance

The service vouchers cost you 9 euro per hour worked. In addition they are tax-deductible so that the actual final cost is 6 30 euro.

For Whom?

Only individuals can use the service vouchers in a domestic and private context. For example if you have a liberal profession you are not permitted to have your waiting room cleaned with service vouchers but you can use them without any problem to have your private home cleaned.

As for the company cashing the service vouchers it must be licensed in advance to be able to offer the service voucher system. EasyDay is a licensed company.

Paper Service Vouchers and Electronic Service Vouchers

The service vouchers come in two forms: in paper form similar to a cheque or in electronic form. You decide which method you prefer.

In the case of paper service vouchers you give your provider one voucher per hour worked and he/she will cash it at Sodexo the managing company of the service vouchers.

In the case of electronic service vouchers the provider will contact you after the service has been provided through a calling machine at Sodexo and will state the number of hours worked that will be deducted from your account.

EasyDay accepts two payment methods. However if you use the Business services we recommend that you choose electronic service vouchers as these allow you to save on handling and facilitate payment.

How to Benefit from Service Vouchers: Registration

To be able to benefit from the service vouchers you must first register on the website of Sodexo. This registration will only take a few minutes. You will then receive a customer number by e-mail which will allow you to order your service vouchers.

How to Obtain your Service Vouchers?

The order is carried out directly by bank transfer with Sodexo: Pay into the account stated at your registration a multiple amount of 9 euro with a minimum of 90 euro stating as the reference your customer number. Either you will receive your paper service vouchers by post or your electronic service voucher account will be topped up if you have chosen this method.

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