How does the car wash service work?

Reserve your car wash

We come by at regular intervals to your building. You should reserve online or by SMS prior to your car wash.

Reserve via the web site or the mobile application

You reserve in the calendar the date which suites you, you choose the package (interior, complete,…) and carry out the payment online.

Since your zone has not been identified the schedule of this activity is not available

or Reserve by SMS

A couple of days before EasyDay’s visit to your building, you receive a SMS. To respond, you simply respond to the SMS with the desired package. Click here for more info or to activate the system.

Frequent questions:

  • What time will the car be cleaned the day of the car wash? The car has to be available between 9 am and 5 pm the day of the car wash. If you have a constraining schedule, please mention it on the reservation and we will try hard to adapt the schedule consequently.
  • An emergency, the day of the car wash doesn’t work for you or a special treatment? You can always opt for a car wash on demand by means of an additional wash where we come especially for you. Contact EasyDay by clicking here.

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