How does the wellness service work?

Reserve your session

The available activities in your building are found in the well-being section of this website.

You should always reserve on the site or via the mobile application prior to your session, more for the individual sessions than the collective courses, even if you own a subscription

Pay session by session (drop-in)

After you have chosen the date which works for you in the calendar, you confirm and pay online the price of a unique participation

or Use a subscription

To get a lower cost, you can buy a subscription before your reserving your sessions. It consists of cards with prepaid sessions, going generally from 4 to 12 sessions, valid during several months.

To order a subscription, choose the desired activity in the well-being section and click on “Order a subscription” in the gray box.

Once the subscription is bought, you can use it by means of payment as long as you reserve your sessions via the site or mobile application.

The subscriptions of 10 sessions are valid for all the activities in collective courses (but not the cards of five sessions)