Delivery Gourmart

Delivered at the office
in the beginning of the week and without transport costs.

Preservation in a jar
Can be stored several days at room temperature.

Meals concocted by chefs
Selection of the best ingredients without any additives.

Enjoy a high-end dish designed by the renowned culinary author Frédérick G. Hermé. Thanks to their original creations and the best ingredients, you will get a hot and tasty meal for your lunch or dinner even if you do not have the time to cook! We prefer organic and local products, chosen by our cooks!

Eating with Gourmart is very simple: the meals are sterilized in a jar and are still fresh until 3 weeks! You just need up to 3-4 minutes in the microwave to savor your meal.

It is a very sustainable way get food delivered, since our packaging is a reusable and recyclable jar and our sterilizing process is limitating a lot of food waste.

Enjoy your meal!