Maintenance and repair of your bike

We repair your bike while you work. This is convenient and time saving for you. Our specialist is available every 2 weeks on Friday.

How does the service work?

  1. You choose the Friday that suits you and mention the operation that has to be done. You can also send a photo of your bike to
  2. Leave your bike at BikeKing outside at the entrance of The Zuiderpoort. Put your key in the enveloppe BikeKing will give you.
  3. BikeKing will call you when your bike is ready.
  4. An invoice is sent by e-mail.

How do we calculate the price?

As each repair is different, it is difficult to establish the exact price in advance. The price is 0,80 € per minute of work. If parts are required, they are charged at the same price as in the stores. A detailed and transparent invoice wil be sent by mail.

Since your zone has not been identified the schedule of this activity is not available