Our history

EasyDay, leader for more than 10 years in online concierge services in Belgium, makes life easier for employees by offering a multitude of services on an integrated online platform.

Founded in 2009, the company has grown steadily and employs around twenty people with various profiles: ironers, drivers, administrative staff, … All of them have set themselves one objective: to satisfy the needs of the thousands of users on the platform.

Active on more than 70 sites, our family company attracts both small and large structures and can boast international brands and large real estate groups among its customers.

Brigitte Verstuyft & Benjamin Bertho / Co-founders


Thanks to the multiple services offered, EasyDay allows your employees to free up more of their time.

Improving the well-being of your employees

For employers who wish to attract and retain the best talent, it is essential to combat demotivation, burn out and promote wellness-related initiatives.

Improve the working environment

This multitude of services allows you to reduce stress at work and the absenteeism of your employees.

Improve the balance between personal and Professional life.

EasyDay helps to reduce everyday stress and allows the user to free up more time for his family and his hobbies.

We listen

EasyDay ensures that all requests are listened to and followed up. We adapt our services and develop new solutions.


EasyDay applies tested procedures and constantly improves them in order to deliver the best service possible while maintaining competitive prices.


More than 97% of surveyed employees who have used an EasyDay service at least once, wish to keep their access.

Our values

The succes of a company is based on its strategic décisions, but also on its philosophy.
EasyDay, a family owned business, is guided by strong values.


All prices are communicated in advance or are subject to a quotation. In additions, periodic reporting includes statistics on the use of the service.


EasyDay applies a strict privacy protection policy both in terms of communicaton and conservation of data.


Ecology is at the heart of the concerns of the Citizen and the Company. EasyDay has understood this and works with suppliers who have an environmentally friendly approach.

Our team

Your satisfaction, our goal !

Managing partner

Benjamin Bertho

Sales Manager

Brigitte Verstuyft


Aude Del Tedesco

Customer Care

Karlien Van Eeckhoudt

Customer Care

Elias Abidar

Administrative assistant 

Lewis Eaton